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Type 1 Diabetes Run Across Texas – Event Report

This is going to be long, because, well… I was gone a long time. But I wanted to get down into words what it was like to run across the largest state in the continental US — gnarly parts and all, while I still remembered most of it. Some of this will be diabetes related,…

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What Goes Into Planning an Epic Run: Gear and Supplies

The Gear The Chase Vehicle Our chase vehicle is a 2017 Mercedes Metris cargo van outfitted with L-track lashing rail, sound-deadening foam, and varnished birch decking, which we cut and fit to allow access to the D-rings on the floor. We bought the van used from a bankrupt lawn service business and upfitted it to…

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What Goes Into Planning an Epic Run: The Route

As I write this, the ink is still drying on my printed cue sheet for the 400+ turns, milestones, and stops on the 26-day, 850-mile Type 1 Diabetes Run Across Texas that my wife (and crew chief) and I are preparing to run in March 2019. We’ll gather at the starting point at 6 AM…

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What Goes Into Planning an Epic Run: Daily Mileage

One of the biggest questions you have to tackle when planning an epic run is how many miles you can realistically cover every day. If you’re Pete Kostelnick, who was 29 when he set the 2016 world record for crossing the United States, it’s about 72 miles/day. If you’re Marshall Ulrich, who set the world’s…

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What Goes Into Planning an Epic Run: Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping Arrangements When you’re dead-tired at the end of running all day, for 26 days, nothing is as important as a good night’s sleep. Ideally on a super long run, in order to get a good night’s sleep, you’re going to want a comfortable place to sleep that isn’t far from the course, restroom facilities,…

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UPDATE: After 7 months with the Medtronic 670g, we’re breaking up.

medtronic 670g tandem dexcom jilted date

Back in the April / May 2018 time frame, I wrote about my initial experiences with the Medtronic 670g insulin pump/CGMS and its auto mode, a clever feature that’s designed to keep people like me from experiencing life-threatening low blood sugars and prolonged highs. At the time, I had quite a lot to say about…

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What Makes a Good Run Route for a Multi-Hundred Miler?

Long Road Ahead

When you’re running somebody else’s race, they’re the ones who plan the route, research alternatives, and ultimately, determine runner safety. When you’re drawing your own route, that’s all on you. Here’s what I look for, in the order I look for it.

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In It for the Long Haul: Endurance Lessons From Running Across Iowa

On June 10, 2018, with the help of my wife and crew chief Leslie Nolen, I completed a 339-mile run across Iowa. I’m asked: “Why Iowa?” The answers vary from facetious to strategic: Because it’s there. Because no one had ever run Relay Iowa (the longest relay in the world) solo. Because it’s training for…

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