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Support The Active Type 1 Diabetic Community

PHOTO: Diabetes & Exercise Alliance. June 2012. 40+ T1/T2 cyclists!

Our Beneficiaries

All links below go directly to beneficiaries.

If you make a donation, they will receive 100% of the funds. We strongly encourage you to support the non-profits that support people with Type 1 diabetes, and the best way to do that is to contribute directly to them.

We do not accept direct-to-us donations on behalf of these organizations, under any circumstances.

We urge our runs' followers to consider these national and local non-profits if you'd like to contribute to organizations that

  • Help connect Type 1 diabetics who want to be active to other active T1D's
  • Work on technology and tools that can help us live more easily and safely, with fewer complications
  • Do research that may someday help slow or even reverse the progression of Type 1 diabetes
  • Support people with Type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases (about 30% of T1Ds also have another autoimmune disorder)
  • Support those with invisible illnesses and disabilities in overcoming obstacles and preconceptions about their abilities

Please reach out if you know of local or online groups or organizations that might be candidates for this list!

You can also support Don directly through cash donations that help cover outreach activities, or through sponsorships.

And trust me, if you hand me a cold bottled water 1800 miles into the run, you are my angel. 🙂