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2023 T1DecaMan 10X Iron Solo Triathlon Challenge

T1DecaMan is underway!
24 miles swimming, 1120 miles cycling, 262 miles running

During this solo challenge, I'll complete the equivalent of 10 full Ironman triathlons in a row.

I've been lucky to do some amazing things, but every challenge is new. My goal, as always: discovering what a 62-year-old Type 1 diabetic can do, and sharing the lessons learned.

It can be scary for folks like me, with Type 1 diabetes, to exercise. Exercise drops blood sugar, and the fears of severe overnight low blood sugars and dying in your sleep are real and justified. And yet, you have to do something. For 32 years I let my fear of lows take control and suffered the consequences. I still have a blind spot in my left eye to remind me about the road I almost took.

Learning from others is so much easier than learning from consequences. It's my fervent hope that something I learn will help others like me find their own best way to be active.

Don - Water Bottle

The 2023 T1DecaMan Solo Challenge: Where Is Don Riding Today?

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