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A unique, dramatic & inspiring opportunity to reach millions

Feel-Good Story

Told to avoid exercise at age 10, this 57-year old underdog overcomes Type 1 diabetes-related obstacles

An ordinary guy whose persistence in the face of adversity has led to accomplishments few have even tried, inspiring others to say "If he can, I can."


2020 Planned: Fastest Type 1 diabetic to run across the United States -- 3300 miles

2019 Planned: First Type 1 diabetic to run across Texas -- 860 miles

2018: First solo finisher of 339-mile Run Across Iowa world's longest relay course

2017: First diabetic finisher and only 3rd solo finisher ever of 223-mile Capital-to-Coast run

Wide Audience

Tens of millions of Type 1 & Type 2 diabetics afraid to exercise because of low or high blood sugars

60M healthy lifestyle enthusiasts who love everyday heroes

70M people chasing bucket list dreams of their own

Growing media coverage. Thousands of social media fans. Strong non-profit connections.

Covered by numerous media outlets including US News & World Report, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Dallas Morning News, the Miami Herald (English and Spanish editions), Kansas City Star, Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger, Hamilton (Ontario) Spectator, and the American Diabetes Association Forecast magazine (3.6M annual circulation & 160K monthly social pageviews)

Well-connected to ADA, JDRF, BeyondType1, TypeOneRun & tens of thousands in the online and offline diabetes community

Well-connected in the Texas and national diabetes community; founded two Type 1 diabetic athlete groups totaling ~1000 members

Highly visible in Facebook Trail and Ultra Running, Type 1 Diabetic Athletes and others totaling 100,000+ members

Sponsorship Opportunities

Run Sponsors

Cash or in-kind contributions that showcase gear, supplies, and services that make big dreams possible

  • Running gear (shoes, hats, shirts, gaiters, waistpacks & hydration packs)
  • Personal safety and visibility gear (illuminated / reflective vests, reflective body marking, headlamps)
  • Lodging (hotel, campsite, etc.)
  • Gas, ice, & resupply stops
  • Vehicle safety / supplies: including tires, batteries, & more
  • Camp gear: rooftop tents, sleeping, camp chairs, bug repellent / netting, camp stoves, etc.
  • Food / nutrition (esp. high-calorie, low-volume, quick-prep / instant)
  • Hydration (water and sports drinks)
  • Hygiene & first aid
  • Sports performance / recovery products & services
  • ...and more

Mission Sponsors

Cash contributions to support distribution of print / digital "T1 / T2 Play Outside Guide"

  • Help us bridge the "last mile" between doctors' advice to "eat right & exercise" and the practical risks & realities of exercising with diabetes 
  • Reach millions via free distribution to medical practices, diabetes clinics & Type 1 / Type 2 patients in the diabetes online community
  • Written BY people with diabetes FOR people with diabetes
  • Help grow the community of physically active diabetic patients
  • Includes high-visibility sponsor logo and ad placement in guide
  • Opportunity to "break the chain" & empower our community overcome real fears about exercise

Each issue will feature articles from clinical experts & real diabetic athletes on how to deal with exercise challenges, plus opportunities to target your message to our community within an environment of trust, support, and self-efficacy.

Awareness Sponsors

It's simple: help us get deliver our message, and we'll help you deliver yours to our audience.

  • Spread the word about #T1Determined's mission to empower others living with diabetes to (re)engage in physical activity in ways that don't compromise their health or safety.
  • Educate those unfamiliar with the disease about the consequences of believing stereotypes about the disease -- and help break those stereotypes!
  • Influence lawmaking and policymakers to eradicate discrimination against people with diabetes in schools, workplaces, and elsewhere.

..and we'll spread the word about your company's products and services to everyone following the adventure.


Contact us if you'd like to talk about how your organization can be front and center in this initiative.

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See Me Wear

Hi-vis cycling jerseys & running shirts

I discovered SeeMe Wear during training for Ironman Texas. In a city like DFW, it's you vs traffic, even on "bike-safe" roads. When I ride, my bike is lit up like a Christmas tree, I follow traffic rules and ride where I'm supposed to. All that and STILL some crazy texting nutcase nearly hits you.

For this reason, my wife and I purchased SeeMe jerseys as soon as we learned of them. And I've been using my #SeeMeWear hi-vis running shirt since March 2018 for 40-mile training runs in preparation for a run across Texas in Spring 2019.

See that electrical tower behind me? I couldn't either, but it's there. And yet, you saw ME. Kind of hard to miss a 6-foot-tall bumblebee.

I put my #SeeMeWear shirts through back-to-back tests over the course of 3 days and 120 miles of running, and each time, it's the same comments from pedestrians, cyclists, and even motorists: "Wow... I could see you from a mile away."

It's not often that a product literally can save your life. Next to my insulin pump, not much stands up to that standard besides my SeeMeWear gear.

LED Light Vest

Illuminated safety vests for all purposes

I stumbled upon LED Light Vest when looking for a high-brightness reflective and illuminated safety vest for my first 200-mile run (the CapitalToCoast Relay Solo run in Oct 2017) that didn't feel like a heavy dental x-ray vest or unbreathable plastic shirt. I had fairly high demands. It had to have enough battery power to last overnight on runs where I seldom got more than 90 minutes of sleep. It had to be so bright it was visible at dawn and dusk, not just the middle of the night. And when the lights were turned off or the battery ran out (which was very, very rare), it had to be visible from at least a mile away based just on the reflective elements.

LED Light Vest delivered all that. In fact, I was so abusive of the actual headlamps that I went through (two Petzl NAO+es, two Coastals, and one Petzl Tikka) that they gave out before my LED Light Vest gave out. By that point, with no more headlamps to spare, the vest alone was bright enough to run by without tripping. I just switched it to always-on, non-blinking mode.

And... while you may not need this feature: it is bright, strange, and noticeable enough at night to make dogs scream. Not just bark, but run away and jump into their owners' arms. This has happened. Keep it in mind next time the dog is not so friendly.

People say with this vest on, I look like a Jamaican cop by day, and by night, a predatory robot. I take that as a compliment.

Renetto - The Original Canopy Chair

No shade? No problem.

In the fall of 2017, I became only 3rd person in the 8-year history of the race to complete a grueling SOLO run of 223-mile Capital to Coast Relay.

Perhaps the toughest parts were the 40 miles through San Patricio County, TX, home of endless windmill farms, cloudless skies, unrelenting sun and 100 degree heat.  I wore a Solumbra desert hat and shirt, Desoto Skin Cooler arm sleeves, an ice bandana for my neck, and a head cooling rag courtesy of the Texas Beef Council (thanks Lisa Dobeck and Jennifer Mattison!). I carried some 50-odd ounces of fluids in my OrangeMud Hydraquiver double-barrel.

And still, there were times when I just had to sit down and cool off. In situations like that, you make your own shade or you cook.

I can't thank Renetto enough for keeping the sun off me and giving me a comfortable place to sit down in a land known for nothing but fire ants and melting asphalt.

Type One Run / Beyond Type 1

Leave No Ones Behind.

#t1Determined is proud to be working with our non-profit partner Type One Run, a program of Beyond Type 1, to promote our shared message of support, self-efficacy, education, and empowerment to become and stay physically active despite the unique challenges of exercising with Type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 Run is a grass-roots organization with over 100 chapters in major US cities. If you're Type 1 and have made a commitment to becoming and staying physically active, you're One of us! Type 1 Run does not collect membership dues.

If you've felt trapped between a real fear of low blood sugars from exercise and the long-term diabetic complications of not exercising, you'll find a huge network of fellow Type 1s to lean on and trade tips with. We've been there. We're doing it. We're #t1dTribe.