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A unique, dramatic & inspiring opportunity to reach millions


70M+ dreaming about bucket list escapes from the everyday

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30M+ in US with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes

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60M+healthy lifestyle enthusiasts

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An inspiring everyman story

Feel-Good Story

Told to avoid exercise at age 10, this 59-year old underdog overcomes Type 1 diabetes-related obstacles

An ordinary guy whose persistence in the face of adversity has led to accomplishments few have even tried, inspiring others to say "If he can, I can."


2020-2021: First person to run from Disneyland to Disneyworld

2019: Set fastest-known-time (FKT) across Texas -- 850 miles

2018: First solo finisher of 339-mile Relay Iowa course

2017: First diabetic finisher and only 3rd solo finisher ever of 223-mile Capital-to-Coast run

Wide Audience

Tens of millions of Type 1 & Type 2 diabetics afraid to exercise because of low or high blood sugars

60M healthy lifestyle enthusiasts who love everyday heroes

70M people chasing bucket list dreams of their own

Growing media coverage. Thousands of social media fans. Strong non-profit connections.

Featured in over 100 national and regional media outlets including CNN, Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, Inside Edition, WESH-Orlando, KUSI-San Diego,, and the Drew Barrymore Show, as well as a joint national commercial for Garmin and Dexcom's integrated CGM (continuous glucose monitor) product collaboration!

Connected to the American Diabetes Association, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), BeyondType1, TypeOneRun & tens of thousands in the online and offline diabetes community

Founder of the Diabetes & Exercise Alliance, Diabetic Ultra-Endurance Athletes, and active in numerous Facebook groups including Trail and Ultra Running, Type 1 Diabetic Athletes, Type One Run and many others


Awareness Partners


A great way for like-minded businesses, non-profits, advocacy and public service initiatives to lift up ordinary people through empowering, inspiring stories.

Let's work together to communicate through our respective social media, email and in-person channels about the T1Determined runs and how your organization celebrates people determined to overcome adversity, supports people with Type 1, and helps them connect with the active T1D community to chase their dreams.

If your focus is a research project, film/photography project or similar initiative focused on these audiences, reach out and we're happy to help.

Mission Sponsors

Run/Ride/Swim Sponsors


Cash or in-kind contributions that showcase gear, supplies, and services that make big dreams possible

Hotel accommodations

Food, hydration and other replenishable supplies

Running shoes & related gear

Vehicle & runner safety equipment

Sports performance & recovery

First aid & medical resources

Guide Sponsors


Sponsored ad placement in print/online "T1/T2 Play Outside Guide" to be distributed at no charge to the offices of 6500 adult & pediatric endocrinologists and 20,000 certified diabetes educators and their patients

Created BY people with diabetes FOR people with diabetes

Real-life success stories of diabetic fitness and athletic accomplishment, from 5Ks to summiting Mount Everest

Bridges the "last mile" between the doctor's instruction to exercise and the practical realities & risks of exercise & diabetes 

Vetted by editorial board of licensed health professionals

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