The Mouse2Mouse Disneyland To Disney World Run

Key Facts About the Mouse2Mouse Run Across America

  • First documented run from Disneyland to Walt Disney World by anyone
  • Completed as a "run within a run" as part of the Type 1 Diabetes Run Across America
  • 2761 miles from Disneyland to Disney World
  • Finished Apr 5, 2021 in 88 days of running
Don, Coco & Mickey after finishing the Type 1 Diabetes Run Across America including the first Mouse2Mouse Run Across America

Run mascot: Disney’s “Coco”

    • We consider Coco to be the world's first ultrarunning Type 1 diabetic monkey--she even has her own Type 1 Diabetes Run Across America t-shirt! 
    • Her ultrarunning career began in 2020 at the Mouse2Mouse Run
    • She was originally created in 2011 by Disney in collaboration with insulin-maker Lilly Diabetes. 
    • She's a plush toy with miniature insulin pump, blood sugar monitor and emergency alert bracelet
    • She has her own website: the Disney-branded T1 Everyday Magic website for Type 1 diabetic kids & their families
    • Disney & Lilly provide books about Coco to newly-diagnosed kids to help them learn about all the things they can do despite Type 1 diabetes (like run from Disneyland to Disney World!)