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The #T1Determined Run Across Texas
3/24/19 - 4/20/19

When will the Type 1 Diabetes Run Across Texas pass through my town?

Want to walk or run part of the route? All ages welcome!



Questions? Email, follow @T1Determined on Facebook for route/schedule updates, or Facebook DM us to coordinate meet points.

Starting & Ending TownDate
New Boston to TexarkanaSat 4/20/19

RideWithGPS: The Route from El Paso to Texarkana

The Plan: Run Across the Biggest State In The Lower 48 -- Solo.

The route for the #T1determined Run Across Texas in March 2019 covers approximately 850 miles, 28 Texas counties and 108 towns from El Paso (not counting ghost town Metcalf Gap), the Davis Mountains and the Chihuahuan Desert on the western border of Texas, through the oilfields in the Permian Basin, to the Piney Woods of east Texas and our final destination in Texarkana, on the border between Texas and Arkansas.

It'll be the longest single-state crossing possible within the continental United States. Of the fifty states, only Alaska is bigger than Texas.

I plan to run every step of it myself, with my wife driving our support vehicle stocked with water, food, sunscreen and all the other essentials -- plus insulin, glucagon and all my supplies for my Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump, Dexcom G6 continuous blood glucose monitor, Contour Next Link meter and a LOT of Skin Tac and Nexcare waterproof bandages to keep stuff attached no matter how much I sweat.

Calling All T1D's in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Arkansas

Message me or the @T1determined page on Facebook if you'd like to run or walk with me, whether it's a quarter-mile or all day.

We also have a DM group for folks who want to meet up. Just message us and we'll add you.

Worried you can't keep up? Don't be. I'm covering a lot of distance, so I'm not moving at a marathon pace! So you don't need to be a marathoner to join in.

Just remember to bring a cap, sunscreen, water, and something to treat a low in case you need it.