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T1D and Pushing Your Limits without Pushing Yourself Over a Cliff

Texas Desert

It’s Not About the Running: What Really Matters

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When Karma Runs Over Dogma: Why Sweating the Details Matters on a Big Athletic Endeavor

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Transcon Planning 101: 10 Avoidable Mistakes


My 10 Most-Read Posts on Diabetes, Exercise, and Transcontinental Running

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Blood Sugar and Recovery: Why Post-Epic and Post-Op Don’t Seem Too Different

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Event Report: Swim Around Key West (10K)


Taking the Long View of Epic: When Less Is More

Sponsor and Media Outreach

Telling Your Story: Sponsor and Media Outreach for Your Epic Run

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The No Wake Zone: Why Endurance Swims Are Challenging—and Scary—for T1D Athletes


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The Road Ahead: After Your Big Run


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Running in the Rain, Wind, and Cold

Running in the Rain, Wind, and Cold

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Budgeting Time and Money for a Transcontinental Run


Transcontinental Mindset: Training To Run Across The U.S.


What It’s Like Out There: Running Across The United States

The COVID risk

The COVID Risk


Pressing “Pause”: Running the USA In The Age Of Quarantine

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What Goes Into Planning an Epic Run: Gear and Supplies


What Goes Into Planning an Epic Run: The Route

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What Goes Into Planning an Epic Run: Environment

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What Goes Into Planning an Epic Run: Daily Mileage

Sleeping Arrangements

What Goes Into Planning an Epic Run: Sleeping Arrangements

medtronic 670g tandem dexcom jilted date

UPDATE: After 7 months with the Medtronic 670g, we’re breaking up.


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